Zoho Phonebridge Integration

Readymade connectors available

Integrating your ZOHO account with Ozonetel CloudAgent is easy and can be done in just 5 minutes.

Improve Your Agent Productivity & Customer Satisfaction With Our Zoho Phonebridge Integration


Zoho Phone Bridge is the protocol defined by Zoho for CTI connections. This is the only way in which cloud call center solutions can integrate natively with Zoho. Ozonetel Cloudagent has the best Zoho phonebridge implementation. It includes a full featured cloud call center inside Zoho including call logging and an agent toolbar. It also allows you to manage outgoing calls using a variety of dialers(predictive, progressive and manual). Your sales reps and support agents will find it a breeze to use telephony inside Zoho using Ozonetel CloudAgent.


We have everything you need to work out of your ZOHO interface


Screenpop integration

Get a screen-pop with customer information for personalized greetings and log conversation updates within CRM.

Advanced agent toolbar

Access advanced call controls (Hold, Mute, Transfer, Conference) within CRM and resolve customer queries while on the call. Supervisor can use barge-in feature to monitor calls in real-time with

Call Logging

Once call is completed, the call details along-with the recordings are passed back to Zoho for call logging without any manual intervention

Integrate ZOHO with our Dialer APIs

The dialer will make calls on your behalf and when a lead picks up the call, a call pop is shown to the agent with details about the lead.<br /> The agent can then answer the call and add notes to the call all within Zoho.

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To know more about the ZOHO integration , you can also visit  www.zoho.com/crm/help/zoho-phonebridge/ozonetel.html

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