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Buy a toll free number & get our all-in-one customer interaction package bundled free.

Ozonetel CloudAgent has a large variety of 800, 877, 866, 855, and 844 numbers available at great prices. Your purchase gets you free and full access to our all-in-one customer interaction package.  Read the full benefits of getting your toll free number with Ozonetel CloudAgent:

Get countrywide presence.

800, 877, 866, 855, and 844 numbers signal national presence. It communicates ambition & lets customers know you’re willing and ready to be contacted.

Be remembered. With vanity numbers.

Vanity numbers (such as 1-800-Ozonetel or 1-800-HAPPY1) effectively help customers remember you by your service or brand.

Got the number? Now prepare for the calls

With Ozonetel CloudAgent, you can use your toll free number straightway. Start advertising and be fully prepared to handle incoming calls. You don’t require any setup – not even a business phone. With your regular PC’s, headsets and internet connections you can have up to 5 concurrent voice interactions, while keeping 5 more in queue.

Raise the bar. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

When you advertise a toll free business number – customer expectations shoot up. Have everything needed to delight them – from a professional welcome message, call waiting, smooth call transfers to the CRM basics to help figure them better.

An unbeatable pricing plan plus free trial.

Only Ozonetel CloudAgent offers such a comprehensive package with no extra charge per agent. Any number of staff can answer calls. So all your staff and even you can pitch in to meet the high call volumes you’ll get once you go national.

Unlimited agents

Only Ozonetel CloudAgent offers such a comprehensive package with no extra charge per agent. Any number of staff can answer calls. So all your staff and even you can pitch in to meet the high call volumes you’re bound to get once you go national.

FAQ for Toll Free Number

Should I take a toll free number?

It really depends on how you want to position yourself. Nothing says “we’re big” like a toll free number. With Ozonetel CloudAgent we’re confident your customer interactions and call management will be able to match up to the big guys.

What is a vanity number?

Numbers like 1800-HAPPIER and 1800 493 WINS are examples of vanity numbers. You choose the last few numbers to form a word that’s easy for your customer to remember.

How to choose a vanity Number?

Choose a vanity number that describes your product/service or your brand message. When you purchase your monthly plan with Ozonetel CloudAgent, we give you a large selection to choose from.

The toll free numbers are part of an all-in on package. What is this package?

Ozonetel CloudAgent’s All in One Package for Customer Interactions —gives you all the features you need to create a contact center set up within your small business. In extremely flexible and affordable ways.

What all is included in the package?

Our All-in-One Package for customer interactions include contact center features handpicked for small businesses. It has IVR, CRM Lite, Intelligent Call management, Real Time Insights and Live Chat features.

Is there a free trial for this package?

Yes. There is a 14 day, hassle free trial.

Can I get a toll free number as part of the free trial?

No. You get the toll free number only after you pay for our monthly plan. We auto generate a number for use during the free trial.

What if I stop using Ozonetel CloudAgent's All in One Package—can I keep the number?

Yes, if for some reason you’re not completely hooked to our product, just stop your subscription. To port your number away from Ozonetel CloudAgent you will l need to contact the local carrier and fill out a Letter of Authorization(LOA). For more details on how to port, you can give us a holler on our live chat window. Or contact us at

Shall I keep my old number as well?

That’s entirely up to you. Ozonetel CloudAgent will allow you to forward calls from your old number. And all your calls can be answered from a single platform. So you’ll get the benefits of IVR, Intelligent Call Management, CRM Lite, Insights and Call Center Features for all your customers— no matter which number they call.

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