Salesforce CTI Integration

Integrating your Salesforce account with Ozonetel CloudAgent is quick & easy

Give your Sales Team an efficient way to make customer interactions


With Ozonetel CloudAgent’s readymade connectors for Salesforce integration, your sales team can indulge in intelligent customer interactions with full access to customer information. The integration offers a range of features for sales reps, managers and customers to get the desired business outcomes and best customer experience.


We have everything to ensure intelligent sales conversations


Screenpop integration

Executives logged in from Salesforce and Ozonetel CloudAgent gets a screen pop with customer information for incoming calls-

Direct Outbound calls from Salesforce

Executives can make outbound calls from Salesforce by clicking the call widget with all advanced call controls (Hold, Mute, Transfer, Conference)

Update Customer Databases

While the call is going on executive can update customer information about the caller/lead, which helps in customer follow up.

Call Tagging

After the call is over, executive can tag all calls to capture the reason for the call in the call disposition text box.

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