Real Time Insights

Smart Features for Small Business.

Stay on top of your game with real time insights.

Real Time Insights helps you stay on top by giving you a bird’s eye view of your customer interactions and the team’s performance. See how it’s an invaluable tool for helping you analyze and take charge:

Keep an eagle eye on your team - from anywhere

Ozonetel CloudAgent works off the cloud, so you can login and keep a tab from anywhere. You can see who ‘s on a break and who’s been logged in. How many calls have been taken? And take the pulse of general customer mood.

Make informed decisions. In a glance

Wondering if you’re overstaffed? Can you predict what next weeks peak hours could be? The average call times? Or who your star players are? Just login & glance at your dashboard to get answers to all those niggling doubts. The perfect support you needed for making better decisions.

Dive deep. When deep analysis counts

And when you need to dive deep, Ozonetel CloudAgent helps you look into call patterns and analyze your teams’ efficiency. In fact, you can go back and listen in to every single interaction between your agents and customers.

Help them find their wings. Tap the power of immediate feedback.

Multiple studies are proving the unbeatable effectiveness of immediate feedback. With Ozonetel CloudAgent you can listen in real time, at any time. So you can give immediate advice to your team and watch agent quality improve real time.

Control Call routing from anywhere

When call distribution goes awry, you can change it in real time. Calls piling up with one agent or team can be redirected to another agent or team. And because Ozonetel CloudAgent is on the cloud, you can do this anytime and from anywhere

Because reports were never this simple

And its all been organized in the simplest, most clutter free and friendly format ever. No need to wade through a sea of data. We’ve kept it simple, clutter free, graphical & relevant.

FAQs about Real Time Insights

What are real time insights?

These are Ozonetel CloudAgent’s reports on agent activity, call recordings, peak hours, estimated peak hours, hourly breakup of calls, customer response— which can be accessed by you anytime and from anywhere.

Can I record the calls I am monitoring?

Yes. All your calls are recorded. And stored for 30 days

Is it affordable for a small business?

Ozonetel CloudAgent’s IVR solution is extremely affordable for a small business. It is free. The feature is available with your Cloud Contact Center subscription.

Can I download my real time insights and call recordings?

Yes. You can download your data records in excel format from the CDR report (Call Detail Report). Audio recordings can be downloaded individually.

If I hear things going downhill during a call—can I hop in to intervene?

Yes, you can.

Does all my staff get to see my real time insights?

Only you or your general manager as an admin can see your agent activity and call recordings. But staff can see peak hours, estimated peak hours, customer moods and other relevant reports on their dashboard.

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