Glide through the tightest spots.

Local Delivery

Ozonetel CloudAgent for Small Business.

In the convenience business – when speed and customization make all the difference – create warm & efficient communication lines with Ozonetel CloudAgent.

Create an efficient, pleasing contact center to coordinate your customers and remote staff on a single platform.

Get them at Hello!
You’re in the business of saving customers’ time – so don’t make them repeat themselves on each call. With CRM Lite, every representative will know your customer, by name address and delivery /other preferences, the very instant they call. You’ll have them at hello!


Win out the rush hours.
In the delivery business, rush hours are critical. Our Intelligent Call Management feature pitches in like another team member, helping you organize those calling queues and making sure you don’t miss a single order.


Missing calls. Impossible.
If customers experience difficulty reaching you and placing orders, you’ll lose business. With 5 concurrent calls/live chats possible at any given time; unlimited agents and 5 calls held in queue you won’t miss a call again.


Hire & coordinate. Flexibly.
Some hours get far busier than others. So, manage your work force flexibly. We offer unlimited agents – so with one monthly price (right now its just $19.9 per month) You can use any or all your staff to answer calls. Plus our easy to use dashboard & cloud PBX flexibility help you easily coordinate temp staff when you really need it (without paying a penny more)


Create new teams. Plan better.
Your margins are tight and you need to save both time & money. With our smart auto attendant; you can lose the front desk staff and double up your capable delivery staff as agents. You can create teams based on delivery areas and times, and our auto attendant smoothly connects the delivery agents directly to customers.


Zero set up costs.
And you can set all this up right now. With Ozonetel CloudAgent you have zero hardware or software to purchase. And our prices are unbelievably affordable.

We have everything you need

Important customer insights at your fingertips
Opens a new window to connect
Say hello to your smart new auto attendant.
Win out those peak hours

Ready for a test flight?
Give Ozonetel CloudAgent a spin.

Amazing customer interactions – set up in minutes. Start your free trial now!

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