Live Chat

Smart Features for Small Business.

Live Chat increases conversions by 25%.

Flexibly combine live chat with your voice interactions to improve conversion rate.

Capture more customers

Studies show that live chat increases your conversions by as much as 25%. Capture those volatile website visitors who are bouncing off your site, because they’re not getting answers fast enough.

Be everywhere all at once

Ozonetel CloudAgent live chat can be used on multiple channels. Integrate it with your website, web page, Facebook page or smartphone app, to grab those customers and give them immediate support.

Increase your conversions. Not your costs.

You can’t afford to keep adding employees every time a new technology pops up. With Ozonetel CloudAgent your voice interactions and live chat interactions are happening in the same place – on a PC. So feel free to multitask your voice agents – letting them be the ones to handle live chats. So you increase conversions, not costs.

Do more with your workforce.

Unlike voice interactions, many live chats can take place simultaneously. So your staff can do more – handling many customers for support or sales, all at once.

Not even a minutes training needed.

Don’t waste a day in training your newbies. Not only is our dashboard extremely friendly and easy to use. Newbies and old hands alike get help handling live chats with easy live prompts from Ozonetel CloudAgent.

Open up the 24/7 window

Ozonetel CloudAgent is cloud based so your voice or chat agents can be anywhere too. You can go 24/7 by taking on chats yourself, or employing people more flexibly from anywhere across the country or world.

FAQs about Live Chat

What is Live Chat?

When customers browse your website, Facebook page, web page or mobile app, Live Chat is the small customer service window that pops up encouraging customers to interact. It allows viewers to type in their queries your staff can quickly respond to.

How can Live Chat increase my conversions?

Many visitors to your website leave when they have unanswered questions. Live chat interactions answer their queries in time and keep them engaged.

Is it affordable for a small business?

Ozonetel CloudAgent’s IVR solution is extremely affordable for a small business. It is free. The feature is available with your Cloud Contact Center subscription.

I really don’t have staff to spare —how’ll I handle the extra work Live Chat brings?

Very easily. With Ozonetel CloudAgent you don’t need any extra staff for handling your live chat interactions. Your staff who answer calls can handle live chat interactions from the very same dashboard.

What kind of reporting is available to me?

You get a rundown of your agents’ activities every time you login.

Do I have to pay anything additional for Live Chat?

No Live Chat is available as part of our All-in-One Package.

I don’t have a website— how can I use Live Chat?

You can use live chat on your website, your Facebook page or your mobile app. Or even on all three of them together.

What if someone posts a query after office hours?

Well, as the owner/manager you can always login and answer the query yourself. You can hire or give incentives to employees to respond from home. Or you can just login and answer the next day – we save all your messages and can capture email IDs too.

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