Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Smart Features for Small Business.

Surprisingly simple ways IVR can benefit your business.

As customers, we have all experienced IVR or IVRS as the welcome message greeting us when we reach a contact center. But can IVRS really benefit your small business that much? Here are surprising ways in which our flexible all-in-one customer interaction package allows you to benefit from IVR:

Sound Professional. Right away.

So how long does it take to record a professional IVR welcome and after-hours messages? With Ozonetel CloudAgent – just seconds. Our game-like intuitive dashboard guides you through the process in moments. Just type your message, choose from our library of voice personalities and your greeting is set. No recordings or voice over artists needed.

Smoothly guides customers to the right agent. Wherever they are.

Our IVR system takes over as your smart & savvy auto attendant. Customers punch in numbers based on their need. And, based on availability – the call transfers smoothly to the best-fit agent. Whether they’re at their work desk or home – Customers calling into your advertised number will never realize.

Take charge & multi tasking your workforce

Our IVR lets you stay in control. With our simple dashboard, you pre-organize your staff into teams as per skills, expertise or language. Because, Ozonetel CloudAgent authorizes unlimited agents in all pricing plans, anyone can double up as an agent. And you use technical staff, multi-lingual staff, or those with underutilized hours better.

Hire Additional Staff whenever you need to

With one IVR system binding all your agents, you can hire additional and even home-based staff whenever you need. They just need a PC & headset, to securely login from anywhere, using their default browser.

And the bottom line that matters: Happier customers.

And so it goes on, technical teams can connect directly to customers to solve problems faster. With 5 concurrent calls and up to 5 calls in queue, you will never keep a customer waiting. And, with customers connecting faster to the right people, you reach the bottom line that matters: happier customers & an effective system in place.

FAQ for Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

What is IVR?

IVR is Interactive Voice response. It will greet your customers when they call in. And then direct them to dial in the number of the department/agent they want to contact.

Will I need to do some planning to use IVR?

Yes, You will need to decide how to group your staff into “departments” your customer can contact. Don’t worry, you can experiment a bit. Ozonetel CloudAgent is as flexible as you are.

Can I create my own personal messages?

Yes. You are free to type in any message you like for your welcome message, after hours or vacation message. You can even choose the voice that speaks them from our library of voice personalities.

Are IVR and auto receptionist the same thing?

Yes. IVR, Auto Receptionist and Auto Attendant refer to the same thing.

Does it eliminate the need for a receptionist?

Yes. Your customer will dial the number assigned to the department they want to contact. In case they are in doubt, they will be assigned to a staff member who can help them.

Is the auto attendant part of the Ozonetel CloudAgent plan?

Yes. IVR is part and parcel of our all in one customer interaction package.

Who controls the auto attendant?

You or anyone you’ve made admin can access the IVR directly from their dashboard.

How do I set up IVR?

Our setup wizard will guide you through the process. You’ll first choose your voice personality, then type in your welcome message, add in your staff members as agents and decide call routing logic. You’re all set in less than 5 minutes.

What is Call routing logic?

Very simply, it would mean assigning agents/teams/departments a number on your IVR that your customer dials to reach them. Of course, in reality, it’s totally going to change how you use your workforce. With Ozonetel CloudAgent’s ease of use and unlimited agents, we’re sure you’ll find some great ways to plan your workforce. Happy routing!

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