Intelligent Call Management

Smart features for Small Business.

Win out those peak hours like a professional call center.

Planning to run an ad campaign or promote a special offer? Or just an overloaded day for customer support/sales? Don’t lose customers just because your team couldn’t handle the extra calls. Intelligent Call Management helps you manage crazy high call volumes with professional call center efficiency.

No unanswered calls. Even with crazy high volumes.

Peak hours: When customers’ attention is on you full blast; your team’s overwhelmed and your phone systems are falling woefully short. Don’t keep them waiting – the intelligent call management feature instantly calculates and connects calls to the right agent. You’ll be enabled to handle 5 concurrent calls/chats with 5 calls in queue – so you never miss a customer or a lead.

Distributes calls evenly and maximizes your workforce

How do you ensure work is distributed equally amongst your agents? Intelligent Call Management replicates a call center right within your setup. It understands which agent’s free to talk and routes the call automatically. And you can always see how well the team’s managing with real time insights.

Zero set up cost and unbelievably low monthly fee.

And now for the best part – Intelligent Call Management is part and parcel of our All-in-One customer interaction package. Designed specifically for small business, our monthly fee is unbelievable low. And since our package is plug & play, you don’t need any hardware or software to run it. Just get your agent/s a headset each, and you’re good to go.

FAQs about Intelligent Call Management

What is Intelligent Call Management?

Intelligent Call Management is that special technology which automatically and instantly figures who’s ready to take the call. It decides by checking which staff is not currently on a call. If everyone’s busy it keeps the customer on hold and queues the call. And, that’s done intelligently too, by making sure the calls are evenly queued.

How do I set up Intelligent Call Management?

Intelligent Call Management is part of our All in One Package for Managing Customer Interactions. It needs no installation. You can sign up in minutes and then just login to access this (and many other features) for managing your customer interactions better.

What do you mean by Unlimited Agents?

We refer to the staff who answer calls as agents. Most cloud contact center providers charge per agent. This doesn’t allow you much flexibility. So we allow Unlimited Agents within our monthly plan. This means that any or all of your staff can be signed up as agents. And they can all contribute to customer interactions.

So you’re saying it costs nothing to add an extra employee for answering calls?

Yes. You got it! We don’t charge you for adding employees to answer calls or handle live chats.

But how will be able to keep a track of all these employees signed up as agents?

Don’t worry. We have robust systems in place. Our Intelligent Call Management takes care of all the call routing for you. And our Real Time Insights allow you to keep a track of individual and group performance.

So is intelligent call management like a receptionist or a PBX operator?

Sure. And a very very efficient one to boot!

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