Make a clean sweep.

Local Home Services

Ozonetel CloudAgent for Small Business.

Efficiently manage every single call without dedicated agents to answer.

The most affordable way for Local home services to access IVR, Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Center. For efficiently handling business & return on ad spend.

An automated front desk.
No need to hire extra staff to handle all your calls. Our Auto receptionist greets your customers professionally and guides them to the right person to speak to.


Treat your regulars right.
CRM Lite allows you to easily record customer preferences—services they usually opt for, special mentions they made previously, allergies, family members (pets, children, babies) etc. All this neatly displays on the dashboard during calls.
So you can greet them, make suggestions and just let them know they’re remembered. We guarantee your customers will be swept off their feet.


Ever single call gets answered.
Every unanswered call is an opportunity missed. With Ozonetel CloudAgent, you & your staff can handle up to 5 concurrent calls, with up to 5 in queue. And, our Intelligent PBX automatically takes care of all the call routing. Now, never miss another opportunity.


No Dedicated agents needed.
Let your staff learn to handle customers directly. Powered by Cloud PBX, our all-in-one package lets you listen in anytime and train them faster. So with less people involved, you’ll have faster moving teams.


Calculate returns on ad spend.
Use real time insights to evaluate incoming call volumes during different times. And easily calculate your ad spends.

We have everything you need

Important customer insights at your fingertips
Get your birds eye view
Say hello to your smart new auto attendant.
Win out those peak hours

Ready for a test flight?
Give Ozonetel CloudAgent a spin.

Amazing customer interactions – set up in minutes. Start your free trial now!

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