CRM Lite

Smart Features for Small Business.

Important customer insights on your fingertips with CRM Lite.

Knowing your customer can make all the difference. But if you’re not yet ready for expensive and complicated CRM software, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. CRM lite is already part of our all-in-one package: Its simple, easy-to-use and scalable. Read 5 ways in which it makes happier interactions:

Greet them right. Improve customer satisfaction by 70%.

Ozonetel CloudAgent makes your business phone smarter in so many ways.  When your customer calls, our CRM lite allows your staff to know who it is, instantly. Just this – studies prove – send customer satisfaction levels up by 70%. Get quick and easy access to past customer records for frustration-free, informed conversations.

Know moods not numbers. Easy-to-Use & Understand.

We keep it really simple. Your customers aren’t data. So their interactions with you are captured as moods not numbers. Tracking customers and getting a pulse of interaction quality is as easy and instant as understanding an emoji. And of course since it’s cloud based, you can access this information from anywhere.

Track Happiness. And your Ad spend.

How happy were your customers with your last ad campaign? Our CRM lite clearly shows you the number of leads you were able to create. So you can better plan your ad spend, and calculate your return on investment.

Don’t lose insights when staff leaves

CRM lite is a first step towards building a data culture – something all small business experts advise. It captures important data from every single customer interaction. So if your staff ever leaves you  – or is on extended leave – the show can go on without skipping a beat.

Ready to scale up when you are.

And when your rocket ship launches, we’ll be there to back you up. You can integrate Ozonetel CloudAgent seamlessly to all the popular CRM software available in the market.

FAQs about CRM Lite

What is CRM?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. It refers to technologies used for managing and analyzing your customer interactions. In plain speak, its just ways to know your customer better. One basic example of CRM would be recognizing the customer name as soon as they call.

Is it always a part of contact center software?

No. You generally need separate software for your CRM. Enterprise level contact center software integrate some features, but they require trained staff and have complicated configurations that small businesses don’t need.

Sounds complicated—any special training needed?

No. With Ozonetel CloudAgent, you don’t need any special training. We don’t believe in complicating simple stuff. So we’ve kept it graphic, intuitive and very easy to understand for you and your staff.

Is it difficult to install?

You don’t need any installation. CRM Lite comes bundled with Ozonetel CloudAgent. Whenever you or your team login, this powerful feature will be there helping you interact better.

Is it something my small business really needs?

Yes. We think a simple CRM tool could go a long way in building strong, happy customer relations. That’s why we added CRM Lite to our bundle. We’ve made sure it’s not complicated or expensive for small businesses to use.

What if I want a full blown CRM solution?

No sweat! As you grow and need more advanced features, you can always integrate an advanced CRM solution with Ozonetel CloudAgent.

Do I need to pay anything extra for CRM lite?

No, it’s already part of Ozonetel CloudAgent’s All in One Package for managing customer interactions.

Can I get a copy of my CRM records?

All important data and insights saved in CRM Lite are available in your Ozonetel CloudAgent account – for you a business owner/general manager as well as your employees/agents who interact with your customers.

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