CloudAgent Outbound

Intelligent Conversations Delivered

Get started with your plug & play outbound contact center within minutes.  Zero Installation & No Upfront Costs

Ozonetel CloudAgent Outbound is a full-featured outbound contact center with multiple dialers, ready-made integrations with all major CRM & ticketing solutions and more than 70 ready reports that give a detailed picture of call center operations. Get started in minutes.

Optimize Agent Performance with advanced auto-dialers

Improve your outbound contact center performance with auto dialers from Ozonetel CloudAgent Outbound like Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialers

Integrate your CRMs with dialer APIs

Empower your agents to deliver intelligent conversations by integrating your CRMs with Ozonetel CloudAgent’s dialer APIs. There is no need to install new hardware to get an auto dialer for your CRM. Cloud-based, dialer- CRM integration means no capital expenditure.

Analyze Live Dashboard for Dialer APIs

You can get live campaign-wise dashboards with metrics like data uploaded, dialed and pending.

Ozonetel CloudAgent Outbound Auto-dialers


Preview Dialer

This dialer is used to handle high engagement business calls. All Calls are initiated after careful review of customer information and requirement. It’s used when revenue generated per call is very high.

Progressive Dialer

This dialer increases the productivity of agents and ensures every agent is utilized optimally. It is ideal for small and mid-sized call center process.

Predictive Dialer

This dialer increases the number of calls handled per day, increases calling time, and reduces the interval between two calls. It is particularly ideal for large-sized telemarketing call centers.

Auto-dialer features


DND Filtering

Ozonetel CloudAgent dialer automatically filters DND numbers and helps telemarketers to scrub mobile numbers against NDNC/NCPR data.

Set Pacing Ratio

Supervisor can set pacing ratio to maximize agent productivity, based on agent historical call-handling statistics, wait time and SLAs

Dialer CRM Integration

Ozonetel's dialers can be easily integrated with any CRM

Live Analytics & Dashboards

You get access to relevant call reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards for better business decision-making

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