CloudAgent Inbound

Deliver high quality experience to inbound customers

Setup your global contact center in minutes.

Ozonetel CloudAgent Inbound is plug & play, full-featured, inbound contact center solution that can help you manage your distributed call center on the cloud.


with Local Numbers


Countries with  Toll
Free Numbers

Call termination
across the world

Zero Installation & No Upfront Costs

With Ozonetel CloudAgent Inbound, you can setup a full-featured inbound call center without any up-front cost and zero maintenance. All you need  is an internet connection to get started with your inbound contact center. The system is scalable and upgradable as your teams grows. Our excellent support teams work with you 24X7 for smooth onboarding and continuous support.

Omni-channel Experience

Engage with your customers through multi-channels and yet ensure a seamless experience for them. So whether your customer reaches you over an email, chat or phone, he will be attended by the same set of agents at the backend with full visibility of the last interaction. At the same time, your agent can enter into meaningful conversations and provide and enhance your customer’s experience.

Intelligent Call Management

Route customer calls intelligently with advanced routing techniques like skill based routing, priority routing & time based routing and ensure that your customers interact with the best available agent.

Know moods not numbers

Tracking customers and getting a pulse of interaction quality is as easy and instant as understanding an emoji with Ozonetel CloudAgent Sentiment Analysis. And of course since it’s cloud based, you can access this information from anywhere.Our contact center software is so easy to use – there’s no training needed. You’ll even get suggested responses for your live chats to help you on your way.

Real time insights

Get you a bird’s eye view of your customer interactions and the team’s performance and see how Ozonetel CloudAgent’s powerful analytics is an invaluable tool for helping you analyze and take charge. Get 70+ ready reports and live analytics dashboard to improve your contact center performance and take real-time corrective actions.

Ozonetel CloudAgent Inbound Contact Center Features

CRM Integration

Integrates seamlessly with CRMs & back-end databases. Readymade connectors for popular CRMs like Zendesk, Salesforce & ZOHO that allows agents to work directly out of CRM UI and can be setup in a few minutes without any technical support

IVR Flexibility

Full-featured IVR Designer to build complex IVRs and meet the customer needs

Automatic Call Distribution

Distribute calls, emails, SMS, and social media messages to agents based on customer need and agent skill set

Barge-In & Call Monitoring

Advanced call monitoring features like Call-Whisper, Snoop & Intrude

Skill Based Routing for Agents

Route calls to specialized agents who can best service your customers’ specific needs

Time based Routing

Define the time of the day for the calls to be routed to specific agents

Priority Routing

Find the most idle agent, consider agent priorities if it is programmed

Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

Transfer your Facebook chats to live agents with Ozonetel CloudAgent Facebook chat integration

Email Handling

Established business rules to determine the action required for inbound email, including auto-acknowledge and auto-respond

Sentiment Analysis

Monitor customer sentiments in all incoming calls and enhance customer experience.

Live Monitoring & Performance Dashboards

Make informed business decisions with Live dashboard and 70+ ready reports

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