Cloud PBX

Smart Features for Small Business.

Cloud PBX adds mobility to our all-in-one customer interaction package.

Ozonetel CloudAgent uses VOIP PBX or cloud PBX technology to coordinate & manage your team from anywhere. Integrated smoothly with every feature you’ll ever need for the happiest customer interactions.

Lighten up. All the capabilities. None of the equipment.

The best part of cloud PBX is how it frees you from hardware, software and all expensive infrastructure. And with Ozonetel CloudAgent we’ve ensured that it’s really really easy to use. Our friendly dashboard needs no training – and you access our feature rich system designed especially to support small businesses. With just a PC and headset, be ready to answer calls better – the minute you sign up.

Your anywhere team.

Cloud PBX allows your team to answer from anywhere as long as they have internet access. And for really smooth coordination we added Intelligent Call Management and a smart auto attendant. Plus all the features needed for you to stay in the loop and keep a tab on your newly mobile anywhere team.

Smooth coordination guaranteed.

With Intelligent call management, we make the most of the cloud – directing and distributing heavy call traffic smoothly. So you can manage more with your same team.

Think 24/7. Without straining your staff. Rise earlier. Set later.

Cloud PBX allows you to think differently on how you employ workforce. With our unlimited agents feature, you are free to access the work from home base, temp workers, people from across the coast (or even across the globe) to take your calls. Everyday you can be “open for business” just a few more hours longer. And they could be the hours that make the most difference.

Sound like the Big Guys

Ozonetel CloudAgent is made especially for small business. We give you all the support to look and sound like the big guys. With our intelligent call management, real time insights and CRM lite working as added team member, you can really look bigger.

Float that extra mile on our cloud. CRM + Live chat.

Small businesses need more, that’s why our cloud comes laden with features. With CRM lite we give you all the features needed to really delight customers. And with Live chat on the same platform, your agents can multitask to increase your website conversions by as much as 25%.

FAQs about Cloud PBX


What is a PBX system?

A PBX is a Private Branch Exchange within a company. It gives you a network of phones within your company and some additional features to manage it like IVR, Call Transfers and Call management. This was a good system while it lasted, allowing businesses to handle far more calls than before. Now it is an outdated system.

And what is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX allows you the same features as a PBX over the Internet. This allows you to access your phones from anywhere. This was better than PBX since it allowed more flexibility. But it’s not feature rich enough to handle all small business customer interaction needs anymore.

So is Ozonetel CloudAgent a Cloud PBX system?

No. Ozonetel CloudAgent is far more than a Cloud PBX system. It is an all in one package to manage all your customer interaction needs. It gives you the benefits of a contact center with additional features like IVR, Real Time insights, Intelligent Call Management, Live Chat and CRM Lite.

So why does my business need anything more than a Cloud PBX?

Here is where Ozonetel CloudAgent scores over cloud PBX . By ALSO integrating these really important features:

  • A far more advanced yet easy to use IVR
  • Intelligent call management to smoothly manage incoming calls
  • Call recording & real time insights
  • Live chat integration
  • CRM Lite to maintain better customer data.
  • All this in a zero investment, easy intuitive, highly affordable all-inclusive package.

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