Cloud Contact Center

Smart Features for Small Business.

Set up your very own contact center in minutes.

So you thought Contact Centers are only for large enterprises? Surprise! Ozonetel CloudAgent is designed specifically for small business. You get the most important benefits of call center software with none of the hassles.

Do More. Don’t just answer calls. Start dialogues.

It starts with the simple act of recognizing your customer the moment they call. This is followed by instant and secure access to all their records – their preferences, past interactions and satisfaction levels – all the tools you need for building great conversations and making them feel understood.

Never miss a call.

You’ve placed an ad & the phone’s ringing off the hook! How’ll you cope? Don’t worry, with Ozonetel CloudAgent, even small teams will never miss a lead. For starters, we enable up to 5 concurrent calls/live chats with up to 5 in queue. Your agents’ dashboards display the growing queue, as they speak – helping them time their conversations. Also, we’ve authorized unlimited agents – so others can pitch in anytime. Plus, we store every number – so you catch any abandoned calls later.

Go 24X7

When you’re a small business, every holiday can hamper growth. But you can choose to grow even during holidays. Choose customized voice personalities to give your holiday message while the system records the customer number and keeps you informed. Call back instantly or schedule a call for later. Or easily redirect your calls to flexible/ part time or remote employees, whose performance is being tracked in real time by our software. Because with your contact center on the cloud, you or your employees can answer calls from anywhere.

Start now. Just plug and play. No training needed.

Our contact center software is so easy to use – there’s no training needed. Don’t waste precious time getting old employees or new hires to learn. Just let them login from any PC – we’ve made it easier than the last mobile app you downloaded. You’ll even get suggested responses for your live chats to help you on your way.

Stay in the loop. Always.

With Ozonetel CloudAgent, you’ll always be looped in with real time updates on your customer moods and employee performance. Go can go through call recordings and listen in to ongoing calls at any time. Letting you know exactly what’s going wrong – or right – at any given moment.

FAQs for Cloud Contact Center

I’m running a small outfit with just 5-10 employees; do I need a contact center?

Contact center features can give your customers a vastly improved experience. And allow you to keep records and get insights to serve them better. So if you want happy customers —you need these features no matter how small or large your outfit. That’s why we’ve handpicked and packed important contact center features in a really affordable, easy to use package especially for small businesses like yours.

Contact center solutions are usually way to expensive for small businesses. What’s changed now?

Yes , enterprise contact center software are too expensive and troublesome for a small business. But Ozonetel CloudAgent has been built especially for small businesses like yours. Not only is it super affordable. It also allows you to use your staff far more flexibly and affordably than enterprise solutions.

Will I need to hire more staff to operate Ozonetel CloudAgent?

No. Just add some or all of your staff as agents and give them a headphone to answer calls. Ozonetel CloudAgent will route your calls to whoever is free to answer. And you can keep a track of their performance from anywhere using real time insights.

How is a cloud contact center different from a regular contact center?

A contact center is a big organization. It’s got complex features and needs special (IT) staff to set up & manage. Cloud contact center software runs off the Internet. It doesn’t need a separate space or any special hardware. You can login and access it from any Internet browser anywhere and Ozonetel CloudAgent has been made so easy to use; your staff doesn’t need any special training to use it.

Do you provide me with staff for my Cloud Call Center?

No. Ozonetel CloudAgent’s Cloud Call Center was built for small businesses. It enables small businesses to harness their own workforce and transform themselves into powerful customer service units.

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