Cloud PBX for Spa

Beauty & Wellness. Glowing Customer Relations

Ozonetel CloudAgent for Small Business.

The easiest, most affordable way for Beauty & Wellness services to access IVR, Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Center combined – for radically improving customer relations

Because you're in the business of making them feel special

Hello! And Glow.
As soon as your customer calls, you’ll know exactly who they are. Your dashboards will neatly display their name, previous treatments/offers opted for and any special requirement. Hear the tone of surprise as you greet them by name, remember their preferences and make personalized suggestions. Your customer is glowing already.


Have an automated front desk.
Our IVR acts as your smart auto receptionist. Pleasantly and professionally greeting customers and guiding them to the right staff.


Rejuvenate & refresh
With CRM Lite you’ll have an easily accessible database of customers. You can start contacting them regularly for offers on services you know they want. Or remind them to book appointments, so you can plan better.


Tap your staffs’ hidden talents.
Your staff handles your clients charmingly every day. Don’t hire anyone new to answer calls if you don’t need to. With unlimited agents, your staff can pitch in to answer calls between sessions. And, you can keep a track of how well everyone’s performing through insights. Or listen in and give training tips if you need to.
Have staff that knows another language? Give customers that choice of languages; our IVR will smoothly connect them.


Find other affordable options.
And if no ones quite up to the job? We use cloud PBX in our all-in-one package – allowing you to hire coordinate temporary and work from home staff beautifully from the very same number.


Capture more customers with Live Chat.
Make your website or Facebook page work for you. Capture passing visitors with our live chat windows. It’s been proven to give up to 25% increase on conversions.


Zero Set up costs.
Unbeatable prices. Our VOIP PBX + Contact center Solutions is all in one and available at a fantastic price. Since we use Cloud PBX, you have no set up costs, no hardware or software to purchase.

We have everything you need

Important customer insights at your fingertips
Opens a new window to connect
Get your birds eye view
Say hello to your smart new auto attendant.

Ready for a test flight?
Give Ozonetel CloudAgent a spin.

Amazing customer interactions – set up in minutes. Start your free trial now!

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