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Auto Dealer

Ozonetel CloudAgent for Small Business.

In the cut-throat world of automotive sales, every single call matters. It’s critical to know the pulse of your customer. And your workforce needs every tool they can get to soar.

Ozonetel CloudAgent is the auto dealers one stop shop - your VoIP business phone, cloud PBX and virtual call center - all in one.

Don’t keep that customer waiting.
Leads can get irritable or just give up on you, if kept waiting too long.  That’s why we ensure your agents can see the calls queuing up, even as they speak. This vital feature helps them plan their time per call in smarter ways.


Rescue abandoned calls.
And if you do miss a call? Don’t fret. Access your abandoned call list and go back to them later – anytime and from anywhere.


Manage your workforce flexibly.
We don’t charge per agent. So, you can multitask your workforce. Your sales associates can be the agents. And whenever things get tough – loop in temporary staff far easier than before.


And give your workforce the flexibility to manage.
Because Ozonetel CloudAgent works off the cloud – your agents can be anywhere. Plus you could tap into the work-from-home resource base.


Important customer info at your fingertips.
We understand how every extra penny pinches when you are struggling to make business grow. So we threw in CRM lite to track important customer insights. Until you’re ready to purchase advanced (and more complicated) CRM.


Monitor calls.
Track your stars and check those who’re subpar. Listen in on calls. Give immediate feedback to improve quality. And reward your weekly and monthly star performers.

We have everything you need

Essential cloud contact center for small business
Win out those peak hours
Get your birds eye view
Get closer with local numbers

Ready for a test flight?
Give Ozonetel CloudAgent a spin.

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